Artist - Ed Bratton
Welcome to Moss Ridge Designs. I create trees that will add to any decor - office or home. Please contact me if you have any questions. 
Ed Bratton

HThe trees pictured below are representative of the many designs available. Please contact me for further information.

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  1. 6.5 inch  Copper Windswept Tree. $85
    6.5 inch Copper Windswept Tree. $85
  2. 9 inch copper Oak with deadwood. $345
    9 inch copper Oak with deadwood. $345
  3. 7 inch copper tree on sandstone $75
    7 inch copper tree on sandstone $75
  4. Weeping Bonsai Tree $285
    Weeping Bonsai Tree $285
  5. 14.5 inch tall Oak with deadwood $395
    14.5 inch tall Oak with deadwood $395
  6. 11 inch copper tree $285
    11 inch copper tree $285
Ed moved from Michigan in 1989 with wife Andrea and their son to Rogers, Arkansas and has resided there since. He has been operating his own professional landscape business since 1998.

In the slow season Ed kept busy doing projects such as restoring cars, making metal yard art and other such projects. In the fall of 2011, he twisted his first tree using some green garden wire that he had at his house. Andrea was definitely impressed and encouraged him to pursue his new found talent. Shortly after, he purchased his first roll of copper wire and has been seriously making wire trees ever since.

Ed uses a variety of gauges of copper and aluminum wire. After cutting the wire to length, he hand twists and shapes each one. Typically, the only tool used on the trees is a pair of wire cutters.

Most trees are mounted on stone, rock or granite which is coated with multiple layers of a high-gloss, epoxy glaze. The trees are also coated from top to bottom to keep the wire from tarnishing. The final step is to sand and apply felt to the bottoms of the bases. Even the smallest trees take many hours and many steps to create from start to finish.

Ed enjoys the creativeness and the endless possibilities that working with wire offers as he creates these artisitic trees.